brighton jones real estate advisors

Real Estate Advisory Group

Your real estate portfolio should be managed with the same expertise as your other assets.

Commercial real estate holdings are a significant part of the balance sheet for many of our clients, but most wealth management firms address this by bringing in outside brokers who are paid on commission. This leads to missed opportunities and can put you at risk of being taken advantage of. We think you deserve expert advice from someone who is on your side.

The Real Estate Advisory Group, an affiliate of Brighton Jones, is an integrated part of your Personal CFO team, comprised of licensed brokers with decades of industry experience. They provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your internal rate of return, help you explore the highest and best use for your properties, and provide feedback and analysis on market opportunities. And they do all of this in close collaboration with the rest of your Brighton Jones team, walking you through risks and opportunities and evaluating your real estate investments in the context of your overall portfolio.